I have heard this over and over again from people stating that we should be allowed to eat foods we like, as long as we eat them in moderation.  For example, people will say, I should be allowed to eat pizza or cake every now and then, as long as I eat healthy most of the time.  This is the wrong mindset and everyone should be eating good healthy food always.

Why Should We Ignore the “Eat Food In Moderation” Advice and Consume Good Healthy Food?

I believe all people, including children should eat healthy all the time and never give into food or beverages that are harmful to the body.  Parents from day one should raise their children on a healthy diet.

The reason I have this stance is because I had health problems since childhood.  I struggled for years trying to regain my health.  I spent countless hours researching ways to bring my health back into balance.  Most healing modalities failed for me.  After years of hard work to achieve optimum health and all the years of research I have done, I realized a healthy diet is a must for everyone, in addition to other steps that must be taken!

A poor diet can lead us to low energy, obesity, illness, and increase the risk of diseases.  I remember growing up I did not eat healthy.  I struggled with unrelenting fatigue, feeling shaking before meals, hypoglycemia, feeling lightheaded, perhaps a little dizzy,  sometimes my eyes would black out, and other symptoms.

A unhealthy diet:

  1. Contains too much sugar, simple carbohydrates. chemical-laden, and refined foods.
  2. Does not contain adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are essential for optimum health.  Toxic metals can accumulate in the body when the diet is deficient in minerals.
  3. Low in Fiber.  The majority of our diet should include cooked vegetables, which contains minerals and fiber.
  4. High in trans fats and processed vegetable oils.

In conclusion, we need to stop this “in moderation” diet advice and encourage everyone to eat good healthy food all the time.  We should never eat foods that are harmful, not even one time.  Parents need to raise their children on healthy food entirely.  I have not consumed unhealthy foods for many years now.  I will eat healthy the rest of my life because I never want to get sick again.  For any of you that do not have the discipline to follow a healthy diet, I encourage you to meditate daily.  Meditation has so many benefits, including to help you gain discipline.  We are what we eat and we should treat our bodies as temples of God.


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Kristen Harper

Kristen Harper is a Health & Wellness Speaker. She will inspire your audience to keep healthy, happy, and motivated! https://www.kristenharperspeaks.com/
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