Cheap Nutritious Foods for $5.00 or less

Are you on budget and want to eat healthy?  Here is a list of cheap nutritious foods for only $5.00 or less.     Lentils (16 ounce bag) for $2.81.  You can make a lentil soup.  Lentils are super healthy and contain selenium, a mineral needed for the brain and thyroid....

Healthy Exercise Tips

Should you be doing vigorous exercise to keep healthy?  Is it really necessary to go to the gym and run on the treadmill?  Vigorous exercise includes bicycling fast, running, jumping rope, hiking uphill, aerobics, competitive sports, and more.  This article will...

Top 10 Most Healthy Foods. Eat These Foods For Optimum Health.

Top 10 Most Healthy Foods To achieve optimum health, you must eat healthy.  These are the top 10 Most Healthy Foods: 1.  Sardines.  Adults can have 3-4 cans per week.  They are High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin D.  Sardines are also low in Mercury.  Stay away...

Hire Health & Wellness Speaker Kristen Harper for Your Event

I know you held your audience’s attention, so they must have found the information you shared valuable.

Jeanie Morgan

President, Havasu Community Health Foundation

Her demonstration is what impressed me the most!

June Toth

CEO, American Indian Institute

Kristen gave us a synopsis of the toxins in our food.  A lot of people found the information very helpful.  We recommend her to any group.

Karen Stacy

Vice President & Program DIrector, Community Organization of Meadview

“Kristen Harper delivered a stunning presentation of the fundamentals of health and healing from the inside out at the Parkinson’s Recovery Summit which convened in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She offered a comprehensive examination of what is needed to help the body return to a state of health and wellness.  Kristen is clearly one of the leaders in helping people understand the true nature and character of healing.  To be a participant in one of her presentations is a true treat indeed.”


Robert Rodgers

Founder, Parkinson’s Recovery Summit

Kristen spoke with tremendous conviction and passion!

Bill McMahon

Chairman, Lake Havasu City TEA Party

Hearing how she can explain what your body needs was something that was so beyond anything I have ever heard of before.  It was really cool.  I really enjoyed it.

Diona Haas

Marketing Team Leader, Whole Foods Market

If you get the opportunity to either see Kristen in person or visit her website, it is well worth it!

Larry LaRue

Vice President, C.R.C.C.

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Kristen Harper inspires audiences to keep Healthy!



She will inspire you to keep Happy!



Kristen inspires everyone to keep Motivated!

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