Cheap Nutritious Foods for $5.00 or less

Are you on budget and want to eat healthy?  Here is a list of cheap nutritious foods for only $5.00 or less.     Lentils (16 ounce bag) for $2.81.  You can make a lentil soup.  Lentils are super healthy and contain selenium, a mineral needed for the brain and thyroid....

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Healthy Exercise Tips

Should you be doing vigorous exercise to keep healthy?  Is it really necessary to go to the gym and run on the treadmill?  Vigorous exercise includes bicycling fast, running, jumping rope, hiking uphill, aerobics, competitive sports, and more.  This article will...

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10 Benefits of Meditation

10 Benefits of Meditation I recommend everyone meditate daily regardless of one's spiritual and religious beliefs.  Meditation is non-denominational and has many benefits.  I have been meditating since 2003 and it has transformed my life in the most beautiful way....

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Are Smoothies Healthy?

Are smoothies healthy?  They are not the best for health and must be avoided.  Our diet should consist of mainly cooked foods, however certified raw dairy is excellent.  Problems with smoothies include: Interferes with Digestion.  Smoothies dilute the digestive...

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How To Live Healthy America

How To Live Healthy America  I get asked this question often:  "How can I live a healthier lifestyle?"  It is crucial to understand that a healthy lifestyle is just as important as a healthy diet.  We must implement both in our life if we want optimum health.  I would...

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