Keynotes & Workshops

keynotes and workshops for better health
keynotes and workshops for better health
keynotes and workshops for better health

Health and Wellness Speaker Kristen Harper with Gianluca Zanna on his radio show Love, Guns, and Freedom on KTOX 1340AM in Needles, California.  

keynotes and workshops for better health

Keynotes & Workshops for Better Health and Happier Life!


After your audience experiences Kristen’s presentation, people will literally come up to you and thank you for bringing her in!


If you are looking for a Health and Wellness Speaker this year that’s different than what everyone expects, then bringing in Kristen Harper will definitely be a surprise for everyone at your event. 


She will inspire your audience to keep Healthy, Happy, and Motivated!


This show is very interactive from start to finish.  You will love Kristen’s stories and demonstrations!


Does your audience struggle with the discipline to follow a healthy diet?  Do they need guidance on how to live a healthy lifestyle?  Do they feel their health is unbalanced?  Is your audience dealing with too much stress?  Do they have issues with traumas or eating disorders?  Do they have low energy? Are they struggling to find inner peace?  Does your audience have the mindset to get healthy and stay healthy?   Kristen has their problem solved!


You will constantly hear people talking about Kristen’s speech long after the event is finished!

Watch Video Clips Here:


Kristen Harper on Princess Power- Mindset to Keep Healthy

Harper on Never Give Up Hope- Binge Eating & Trauma

Kristen Harper on Dr. Dike’s Show- Reduce Stress

Harper on Love, Guns & Freedom- Healthy Lifestyle

Kristen Harper will inspire and challenge you!

Carol Graham

Radio Show Host, Never Give Up Hope

Health and Wellness Speaker Kristen Harper speaking to Michael Hagwood on his radio show.  KTOX 1340AM in Needles, California.


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