Should you be doing vigorous exercise to keep healthy?  Is it really necessary to go to the gym and run on the treadmill?  Vigorous exercise includes bicycling fast, running, jumping rope, hiking uphill, aerobics, competitive sports, and more.  This article will provide healthy exercise tips for everyone.

Vigorous Exercise Is Not Healthy

The problems with vigorous exercise include depleting minerals from the body, weakening the endocrine glands, being more susceptible to injuries, overusing the sympathetic nervous system branch, and more.  Vigorous exercise will especially weaken the adrenal and thyroid glands.  These glands must be taken care of because they are involved with energy production.  In order to have the maximum amount of energy in the body, both glands need to be working optimally.  Furthermore, overusing the sympathetic nervous system branch will interfere with your health, stop your digestion, inhibit the body’s ability to eliminate toxins effectively, and more.  Proper digestion is essential to absorb minerals properly and being in a parasympathetic state will allow your body to eliminate toxins.

What Is The Best Type Of Exercise?

The best type of exercise is gentle.  Forms of gentle exercise include walking slowly, gentleweight lifting, rebounding, and others.  My favorite type of exercise is walking.  I walk for health benefits, meditation, and for improving my eyesight.  Looking out into the distance while walking helps to improve eyesight.  Too much close up work, such as staring at your computer screen, can affect your vision.  I have improved my eyesight drastically in a short amount of time purchasing a vision improvement program called Endmyopia.  I follow the program recommendations to build healthy habits for my eyes, take breaks from too much close up work, and also walk on a regular basis.

Healthy Exercise Tips:

  • Avoid all vigorous exercise.
  • Only do gentle exercise.
  • Make sure you are drinking plenty of water each day.  Spring water is recommended.  It  contains minerals and hydrates the body the best.  Adults need to drink 3 quarts of water daily.  Do not drink water with your meals because it will interfere with digestion.
  • Avoid injuries that can be caused from some forms of exercise.  For example, if you are involved with yoga, have your instructor observe your poses to make sure you are doing them correctly.
  • Avoid toxic exposures.  Swimming is excellent, as long as it is gentle.  One issue with swimming is water can be toxic, especially if it is chlorinated.  Only swim in non-toxic water.  Many people are toxic today, so it is important we are reducing our toxic exposure.


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